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Things are moving really fast for Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Season 3 couple Benzino and Althea Heart. During Thursday night (July 31)’s special airing of the hit show, the duo announced that they were headed down the aisle in just a few short weeks — without a prenuptial agreement. Even Althea’s own friend, Rasheeda Frost, joked that if she didn’t know any better, she’d think that Althea was out to get Benzino for all he’s worth. And guys? The fans are seeing it exactly that way.

During the airing of the episode, fans flocked to social media to accuse Althea of wanting Zino’s money amassed over the years from his musical and publishing endeavors. Despite Rasheeda noting that Althea has her own money to her name, Thi Thi decided to post a subtle message (OK, not that subtle) to those who thought she was after Z for his money.

“Real woman love to work and make their own money!” The text gram read, captioned with the hashtags, “#thithi#thiandz#thiandz4life#lhhatl.

Credit: Instagram

Welp, there you have it! Hopefully by Althea’s stance as a “real woman” means she’ll change her mind and sign a prenup… or just make a serious effort to make sure her marriage to Benzino works so she won’t be a five-time bride like her mom.

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Source: Althea Heart on Instagram