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It’s been eight days since Love & Hip Hop Season 4 newcomers Amina Buddafly and Peter Gunz welcomed their baby girl into the world, and guys, we’ve been on first photo watch ever since. Amina’s been pretty private about the couple’s first kiddo — we still don’t know what baby girl Pankey’s name is — but the mom did do a little to ease our curiosity (or heighten it).

On August 5, the German-born singer took to Instagram with a sneak peek of her baby girl in a cute mom-and-daughter selfie featuring her little one’s feet.

Credit: Instagram

Hello! #feet,” Amina captioned the photo. Amina, who already looks like he’s getting back into pre-baby shape, is  on the bed, and we can see the little bundle’s legs resting on mama’s tummy. Aww!

From the look of it, we can tell that Amina’s going to take her sweet time introducing us to the little mädchen, but we hope to see more of the little tyke — if not on social media, then on TV when her dad, Peter, returns to Love & Hip Hop for Season 5.

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Speaking of Peter, the "Uptown Baby" rapper also took to Instagram with a sneak peek photo of his newest addition (and fourth daughter). With a photo of the tiny newborn cradled in his arms and her back to the camera, the proud papa dubbed the baby his Woman Crush Wednesday

And while we’re anxious to meet the little girl, Tara Wallace, Peter’s ex-girlfriend and baby mama, isn’t too eager to see her or introduce her sons to their little sister. In fact, Tara revealed that her boys with Peter, Kaz and Jamison, have no clue they’re big brothers — or that Tara and Peter have split and that he has remarried!

Hopefully Tara will get her boys up to speed so they can meet their newest sibling.

SourcesAmina Buddafly on Instagram, Peter Gunz on Instagram