Credit: Instagram

Ever since the Season 3 reunion show brawl, we haven’t heard much from Love & Hip Hop Atlanta stars Stevie J. and Joseline Hernandez, who were in the midst of the on-set feuding. So, what have the couple been up to? For starters: working on Joseline’s music, doing the occasional club hosting — and going retro for a photoshoot.

In the latest photos the couple posted to Instagram, we see the duo going ol’ skool with their look.

Credit: Instagram

Here’s a sight we never expected to see: Stevie J. with a ‘70s style afro. Clutching his guitar, the hitmaker is flanked by his Puerto Rican princess donning huge highlighted hair and tons of sass.

If you asked us, we’d say that the duo were channeling another famous wife-husband rocker twosome… Ike and Tina Turner perhaps? Well, that’s what the fans (and even Stevie J.) seem to think!

Aside from it all, it appears that the photos are meant to promote Joseline’s upcoming tour, according to Stevie’s caption on one of the photos: “#dangerzonetour #fall2014 #puertoricanprincess #eatdacakeannamae #steviejjoseline.

Let’s hope Joseline’s tour with Stevie is a lot more successful and that the couple don’t channel anything else from Ike and Tina!

What do you think of Joseline and Stevie’s Ike and Tina Turner-inspired photoshoot? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

Source: Joseline Hernandez on Instagram, Stevie J. on Instagram