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Off, Sadly but Amicably: Teddy and Perkins
Ah, Teddy, didn't you almost have it all... What better way to get over Owen than to hook up with the latest hot doc in town? But you let yourself fall for him, even though you knew he'd be leaving in a few weeks. All good things must come to an end, they say, but you were still hoping that end would be a little ways off. We feel ya, sister. You do deserve more, as Perkins told you, and we hope you get it soon.
Love at Seattle Grace: Who’s On and Who’s Off in Episode 7.3?
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Still So Off: Lexie and Mark
Yet all of that fun comes at the expense of Lexie, who realizes she actually wants Mark once April spills what everyone else has been thinking. (Seriously, for a Lexipedia, she's pretty dense.) She should have known better than to bruise Mark's ego in the first place, because that sent him right back to his old horndog ways. Here's hoping the days of Monogamous Mark aren't quite over, and that this painful back and forth game they're playing ends soon.

Like any great show, the relationships on Grey's constantly have us on our toes. Here's a recap of the latest couples going strong, the couples dying slow, painful deaths, and the couples whose love has been brought back to life (for another episode at least).

Suddenly On: Amelia and Mark
Chalk this one up to confidence and great self-image: Amelia told Mark about her own hotness, and he must have concurred, considering how ferociously they were making out at the end of the episode. Is this the start of a sweet, long-lasting love story? Probably not. Is this a torrid tryst that will flame out soon? Probably. But hey, why shouldn't they have a one night stand? Nevermind that she's kinda grating, right?

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