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Love Contracts: When a Prenup Isn’t Enough for Hollywood’s Hottest Couples

Sign here for love! ET Online took a gander at a legal option popular amongst celebs with reps to protect: love contracts. More than just a prenup, a love contract specifies lifestyle choices that would result in damages paid to a significant other… you know, the foundation of a loving, trusting relationship.

"Increasingly, we were seeing celebrities with lifestyle clauses, what would happen in the event of infidelity, substance abuse issues, and that started to go mainstream," New York attorney Ann Margaret Carrozza, who often works with love contracts, tells ET.

So which celebrity couples have fine print on their partnership? Reportedly, Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel. If Justin cheats on Jessica, according to reports, she gets $500,000 per extramarital episode… so if Justin strays just twice, he's looking at a seven-figure hit.

Other high-profile couples with this kind of contract include Facebook mogul Mark Zuckerberg and wifey Priscilla Chan, whose agreement dictates that Mark will spend at least one night and 100 minutes with Priscilla per week.

In one contract for an unnamed couple that Ann showed to ET, the female partner would forfeit $10,000 of "the termination payment" if her weight grew to exceed 170 pounds.

Ann thinks that one soon-to-be-wed celeb would really benefit from such a contract: Kanye West. "If I were advising Kanye, which I'm not, I would strongly suggest that he have a nondisclosure or confidentiality clause within their love contract to shield himself," she says.

If you were famous, would you sign a contract like this? Sound off below!