Love Hurts! The Top 5 Most Awkward Moments From The Bachelor Season 15, Episode 3
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The Bachelor

Love Hurts! The Top 5 Most Awkward Moments From The Bachelor Season 15, Episode 3

The Bachelor is full of sensationally uncomfortable (yet hilarious) moments. We present to you our top picks for most painful moments from Season 15, Episode 3. Let the good times roll... right into Awkwards-ville:

5. Our ears are bleeding
Maybe it's true that people bond over shared embarrassments, but think of the rest of us! We as viewers had to endure several seconds of Brad Womack and Ashley Spivey "singing" Seal's "Kiss From a Rose." As Ashley noted, her accent is charming, but her singing voice is not. Ditto for Brad. Add to that her sob story about her father and her lack of chemistry with Brad, and the date is even more torturous.

4. Vineyards should be more fun
First of all, we were shivering just looking at Brad and Emily Maynard out there in that vineyard — and the conversation was just as frigid. Eventually, Emily literally and emotionally warmed to the date and shared her tragic story. Brad's OMG face said it all, but he seemed to recover well and the date ended much better than it began.

3. Pardon my staring... I mean, stalking... I mean, stealing
Michelle is weird. And she's an actress, so we suspect her weirdness is at least partially for the cameras. But when she showed up over Alli's shoulder and just stared at her and Brad during their one-on-one time, the thing not to do was indulge her. You don't let the conversation trail away to nothingness, then let Michelle steal Brad away, just so she can cry to him. But Brad let crazy win. Where's your backbone, man? He needs to tell Michelle — and all the other ladies — to back off for a few minutes when he's already spending time with someone. He's enjoying the staring, stalking, and stealing a bit too much.

2. Pause for a boring therapy break
You're kidding. We suffered through the season premiere with the understanding that we were done with Brad's therapy sessions. But on Week 3, Brad is talking to a new therapist — a British guy who used to drum for Go West. So much time is wasted here. Not only could Chris Harrison easily cover these duties, the duties could easily have been edited out. There's so much we're already not shown. Give us more of Chantal vs. Michelle, or Madison without her fangs — something about the ladies, not Brad going trough more public therapy. (Doesn't that violate ethics, anyway? It's supposed to be a private matter.) And according to the ABC press release for next week, we have to suffer through another session this coming Monday. Great.

1. I'm not even waiting for you to call my name
Madison and Brad talked about her desire to walk out, but their cocktail party discussion seemed to end with the agreement that she would refuse his rose, if she felt like it, when he offered it at the Rose Ceremony. But two names into the thing, she walked out. No explanation. Everyone was left looking at each other like, WTF? Brad had to excuse himself and follow Madison to get the scoop on why she was crying and departing even before he had a chance to dump her. Why didn't she wait for her name? It's not clear. She never appeared to be that into Brad, anyway, which of course made her more appealing to him. Well played, vampire actress lady. Always leave them wanting more.

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