Sean and Catherine Lowe Take Ice Bucket Challenge to Next Level! (VIDEO)
Credit: Catherine on Instagram    

Sean Lowe

Sean and Catherine Lowe Take Ice Bucket Challenge to Next Level! (VIDEO)

Bachelor Season 17’s Sean Lowe and wife (and season winner) Catherine sure do know how to throw down the gauntlet. When nominated to participate in the ALS ice bucket challenge that’s been making the rounds on social media, the two accepted — with one major twist.

In a video they posted to Youtube, Cat (with her newly-shorn hair) sits atop Sean’s shoulders, ostensibly getting ready to take one for the team and get the majority of the ice water poured over her head. Instead, The Bachelor producer Elan Gale dumps a bucket of something much warmer over her shoulders — dolla dolla bills, y’all! In fact, he dumps a whole lot of them — a thousand, to be exact. Whew, we’d take a bath in that much moolah any day!

As part of the challenge, people are asked to either donate or dump, and of course the Lowes went the donate route in the most adorable way possible.

Other Bachelor Nation stars have also taken the challenge, but most have opted to become one with the ice bucket rather than ponying up cold, hard cash — that we know of. You can watch the most recent Bachelorette, Andi Dorfman, take the ice shower here, and then take a gander as her fiance, Josh Murray, gets doused here.

Watch the video of the Lowes taking the challenge, then tell us what you think of their donation in the comments!

Source: Sean on Twitter