Bachelor 18’s Lucy Aragon’s Andi Dorfman Song: Better Than Her Anti-Juan Pablo Anthem?
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The Bachelor

Bachelor 18’s Lucy Aragon’s Andi Dorfman Song: Better Than Her Anti-Juan Pablo Anthem?

Leave it to Lucy Aragon! The Season 18 Bachelor nudist and occasional songstress released her new YouTube video and song last night, and it's pretty great. In anticipation of the Bachelorette "Men Tell All," free spirit Lucy and fashion maven Dana Weiss (aka Possessionista) put their heads together to sum up Season 10.

Similar to the Juan Pablo tune that lady Luce and dime Dana wrote back in March, the new one packs some punches. But with a winning lead like Andi, it's the guys who get the brunt of the blows. Check out the video here and learn the lyrics below. Then, hit the comments and tell us which season anthem you prefer:

"Men Tell All: Andi Edition" by Lucy Aragon/Dana at

Tonight you'll tell all and I've been where you are

Didn't find no love, you're no reality star

Now you're gonna face Andi and you're looking for closure

Or a side bar in People for some extra exposure

Andi's a gem that's why she got her own season

If she sent you home I'm sure she's got a good reason

Perhaps you were douchey or she thought you were a tramp

Or maybe in Brett's case, you showed up with a lamp

CHORUS: No hard feelings

Things will work out in the end

I hope that y'all can still be friends

Bukowski showed up a reality TV whore

But Andi wouldn't even let his ass in the door.

And speaking of ass let's not forget about Anal

Yeah you gave us a laugh because your entrance was painful

Craig got super drunk and left that Bachelorette

I think it's about time he and Victoria met

There's one more guy that I was almost forgetting

Now that Tasos is free maybe he'll DJ the wedding


Up next is poor Bradley he got put through the ringer

But The Bachelorette's no place for an aspiring singer

Andi sent you packing cuz she had no other choice

We wish you best of luck when you audition for The Voice

Eric Hill was truly as good as he seems

I hope you all #LiveLikeEric and follow your dreams

JJ's just like me:

What's his job? We're not sure.

If he went to Stanford why's he a pantsapreneur?


Patrick fell in love but it was with the wrong And(y)

Andrew may be a racist but he's still man candy.

Andrew got a number and it made him look shady

The question now is was it from a guy or a lady?

Marquel could have been the Bachelor cuz he's so nice

So what the hell is doing on Bachelor in Paradise?

If you wanna know the truth I think it's really whack

That ABC don't want a Bachelor who is... good at mixing prints


Dylan tried to make Brian drink his pickle juice

But Andi's not into man ponies so she had to cut him loose

Cody's my favorite -- I met him on the beach

But he had too many muscles for this Georgia peach

Marcus was the hottest guy on the show

But he's way too quiet so he just had to go

When Andi sent home Chris it really made me wanna bawl

But he's perfect for Bachelor. Hope we'll see him this fall


Now we're down to two. Will it be Josh or Nick?

One's a sexy pro baller and one's kind of a dick

You both love Andi, you're both good looking guys

But it takes more than a pretty face of you wanna impress Hy

It's your last chance boys. Now I hope you don't fail

Cuz if you do our girl might just throw your ass into jail

One of you is not her love and you're about to get dropped

You're not the one for her and you should prob'ly just staaaaaahp