Lucy Hale Is Addicted to Social Networking
Lucy Hale Is Addicted to Social Networking
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Pretty Little Liars

Lucy Hale Is Addicted to Social Networking


When Pretty Little Liars returns in January, we expect our favorite group of girls will get a little closer to solving the mystery of who "A" – the person who knows all of their secrets and is making their lives a living hell – really is.

Lucy Hale, who plays teacher-dating Aria Montgomery, gives Wetpaint a (totally true) taste of her upcoming projects and what the girls like to do when they aren't filming.

You guys are coming back pretty soon, right?
We’re back January 3rd with new episodes. We're finishing up the first season. You can expect a lot of Aria and Ezra – a LOT! You know we're introducing some great new characters that sort of add a whole new element to the mix. And for a while we – the audience and the people in the show – think that we know who “A” is. So lots of fun stuff coming up.

And musically, what's going on with you?
I’m doing a project in between [shooting], on our hiatus. I'm going to be playing a singer [in an upcoming project]. So I'm going to record some music and get to perform a little bit for an ABC Family movie, which should be really fun. It's along the lines of A Cinderella Story, you know – Hillary Duff did one and Selena Gomez did one, and I'll be doing the next one. [The character is]a singer who can't really expose that she loves music. It should be really fun. I'm really excited.

Lucy Hale Is Addicted to Social Networking
Credit: Lucy Hale's Twitter    

Tell me some of the fun things that you and the Pretty Little Liars ladies do when the cameras stop rolling to bond with each other.
It's actually really funny, because I actually tweeted a picture of it: It's basically just us on our Mac computers tweeting or Facebooking. That's pretty much all we do: We're just glued to our computers!


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