Lucy Hale Has No Idea Who “A” Is on Pretty Little Liars
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Pretty Little Liars

Lucy Hale Has No Idea Who “A” Is on Pretty Little Liars

Though the Pretty Little Liars cast may have more information than we do about what’s happening in Rosewood, that doesn’t mean they know the identity of “A”. Lucy Hale (Aria Montgomery) admitted to Parade that she has no idea who the masked villain might be, and that she stopped trying to figure it out a while ago.

Who is “A”? “That’s the ultimate question,” Lucy told the magazine. “I kind of quit trying to figure out the story in season two just because it was frustrating for me. I thought I would have it all figured out and I thought I knew all of the answers and then I was completely wrong.” Tell us about it, Luce! Just when we think we have found the clue that unravels the entire mystery, we’re back to square one. There are more red herrings in this town than there are fish in the sea. But that doesn’t mean we’ll never know. What did Lucy tease about the eventual reveal?

“So now ‘A’ is dead, but like I said there would be no show without it, so I don’t think we’ll find out who the ultimate ‘A’ is until the very end of the show, which won’t be for another couple of years—we just found out we got renewed for a sixth and seventh season! Lots more drama to come.” So, hold onto your hats, PLLers. This may be a long road yet. We love PLL, but we sure hope we get at least some substantial answers before the series finale. We’re patient, but we’re not that patient.

Do you think there’s anyway to figure out who “A” really is at this juncture? Are you willing to wait another two seasons for the answer? Sound off in the comments below!

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