Lucy Hale’s “Road Between” — What the Critics Are Saying
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Lucy Hale

Lucy Hale’s “Road Between” — What the Critics Are Saying

Lucy Hale’s debut album, Road Between, was released today on iTunes music and in stores. The album has already shot to #2 on the iTunes music charts, but how is the critical reaction? We rounded up the first reviews for Lucy’s album. What do the critics think of the Pretty Little Liars star’s turn to music?

Billboard: The music mag has many great things to say about Road Between, calling the album “appealing,” comparing Luce’s voice to Shania Twain’s, and concluding that Road Between “is filled with powerful, catchy choruses and moments that display Hale's voice in many different ways.” Woohoo!

Billboard also reviews the 11 tracks on the album. They call “Road Between” “honest and wholesome and notes that “You Sound Good to Me” “shows off the best part of Road Between: [Lucy’s] voice.” They find "From the Backseat" “a great example of Hale's storytelling prowess,” are underwhelmed by revenge ballad “Goodbye Gone,” and call the track she co-wrote, “Just Another Song,” “one of the album’s best”: “It starts off as a simple-sounding folk tune about how life is great when the dishes are done, but opens up into one of the more personal moments of the record, with gorgeous orchestration in the background as Hale wrestles through getting over someone.”

Overall, Billboard says Road Between “proof [Lucy’s] more than just a ‘Pretty Little Liar’, and potentially our next big country obsession.”

Focus on the 615: Focus on the 615, the Nashville-based entertainment website, also had good things to say about Road Between, finding the album “refreshing (no bro-country here), well-written, and Hale’s vocals strong throughout.” The website said it would “highly-recommend this album to anyone, although I think it would appeal mostly to a younger audience of contemporary country music fans,” categorizing it somewhere in the middle of the spectrum between “overly-pop influenced” and “traditional country.”

As for individual tracks, Focus on the 615 was particularly impressed with the “radio-friendly, catchy, and fun” “You Sound Good to Me”; the “well-written” “From The Backseat,” which “captures young love” in a relatable way; and “Just Another Song.” The reviewer calls the last “a pleasant surprise,” comparing Lucy’s songwriting skills to Taylor Swift’s, and categorizing the tune as “well-written, beautiful, and poignant.”

Fanlala: Interestingly enough, Fanlala also compares our Lucy to T-Swift: “Just like a Taylor Swift album, there is a song on Lucy's album for everyone to claim, ‘This is SO my song!’” the website said. Fanlala thinks that, regardless of whether you’re a country fan or not, there’s something on Road Between to dig: “So whether you are a Lucy fan, a country music fan or just a fan of relatable songs, Road Between is a great summer soundtrack to add to your playlist.”

What do you think of Road Between? Sound off in the comments below!

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