Crushes and relationships often develop on TV set and the set of Pretty Little Liars is no different. Lucy Hale (Aria Montgomery) admitted to Us Weekly that she used to have a crush on one of her co-stars. Who was it?

Luce is keeping tight-lipped about the identity of her crush, but she did let slip that it is the same person she sings about in “Lie A Little Better” off of her new country album Road Between: “I used to have a crush on one of my castmates and it's not who you think,” Lucy said.  “My song ‘Lie a Little Better’ is about that experience.”

Lucy had previously told ClevverTV about “Lie A Little Better”: “It wasn’t planned because I’m on a show called Pretty Little Liars, I promise. But, it is inspired by someone that I’ve — I’ll give you a little tidbit — It’s inspired by someone who I worked with on that show, and it’s not who you think it is.”

We’re not sure who Lucy might be talking about, but perhaps we should be looking for her co-star with the best teeth? The PLL starlet also told Us Weekly that she’s “obsessed with teeth” and has “teeth crushes on people.” Perhaps, it has something to do with her own tooth trials. Did you know Lucy had braces for about three years? She told the magazine: “Then I had to wear Invisalign for a year because my dog chewed up my retainers.” The horrors!

Who do you think Lucy might have had a crush on? Share your theories in the comments below!

Source: Us Weekly,  Road Between

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