Let’s Luge! Scary Olympic Event Has a New Twist — Viggle Minute (VIDEO)
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Let’s Luge! Scary Olympic Event Has a New Twist — Viggle Minute (VIDEO)

The Olympic Winter Games showcase many a classic winter sport. There’s figure skating and skiing for the traditionalists in the audience, snowboarding and curling for more adventurous viewers. But for the really radical Olympians, the Games offer plenty of challenging, frightening, and down right death-defying ventures.

Example ER: luge. As explained by Mr. Viggle, this sport is actually one of the most dangerous in the sledding family beating out even the likes of bobsledding and skeleton. How? Well, in luge, riders go down steep inclines feet first. Sure, they can slightly steer their sleds but one, they’re often going upwards of 90 miles per hour and two, they can’t really see what’s in front of them. Sound like fun or what?!

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This year’s luge got a new twist. Sochi added a team relay branch of the sport, which proves one thing: There’s, as George put it, “enough mad weirdos to make actual teams.” We think all of them should get medals just for being brave enough to participate.

Check out the new team relay luge as well as the less terrifying Olympic sports on NBC. The Games make for some great weekend viewing, from the safety and security of your stationary sofa.

Too freaked out to watch luge or anything that risky? All about the thrill? Pick your favorite sport and tell us about it in the comments. Then, head on over to Viggle to earn lots of cool points and prizes.

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