8 Reasons to Follow Luke Bryan on Snapchat
Credit: Jim Wright    


8 Reasons to Follow Luke Bryan on Snapchat


Luke Bryan is indisputably the current King of Country Music and, while his catchy music and killer personality likely have something to do with that, we believe his social media prowess plays a large role.


Sure, the “Kick the Dust Up” singer is a pro at the usual suspects — Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter — but it’s his Snapchat that we’re kind of obsessed with these days. Need a couple reasons to exercise your finger and add him to the list of celebs you follow? Let us help you out. Here are eight reasons you should follow @lukebryan right now:


1. Tour Snapshots. Want an inside look at the 39-year-old on tour? Maybe check out the snapshots he shares while on the road. You’ll be able to see a different perspective and feel like you’re right there in the middle of the action as he travels to a city near you.

2. Ticket Upgrades. Don’t feel like you’re close enough to the action at one of Luke’s concerts? You’ll definitely want to check out his Snapchat. There’s always a chance to upgrade your seats for ones closer to the stage. If you’re lucky, you could have an epic view.


3. Fishing. What does Luke like to do in his spare time besides hanging out with his adorable family? Fishing, of course! Escape your day-to-day life and watch your favorite country singer try his luck at catching some fish while unwinding with Mother Nature.


4. Pre-Show Rituals. Ever wonder how Luke gets pumped for a big concert? You can see him prep with his team by doing some fun pre-show rituals before going out and dazzling fans. It takes some time to get pumped up before performing in front of a huge audience!

Credit: Jim Wright    

5. Awards Show Moments. Luke shows up to quite a few awards shows — he’d even hosted a few — and red carpets. If you’ve ever wanted to see what goes on backstage at these star-studded events you’ll want to check out Luke’s Snapchat and satisfy your curiosity.


6. Scavenger Hunts. For each of his shows Luke lets fans see if they’ve got good detective skills. You’ll want to pay attention to his Snapchat for details about scavenger hunts that can win you some prime tickets. Be sure to include #LBScavengerhunt for a chance to win!

7. Famous Friends. Luke, being the music superstar that he is, has some friends in high places. That’s why you should follow him on Snapchat, to see which of his Nashville peeps he’ll post a selfie with or who he’ll do a quick collaboration with. If you’ve got famous friends, why not flaunt them?


8. Fan Photos. Ever dream of having your 15 minutes of fame? Well, if you can settle for a few seconds, you’ll be happy to hear Luke makes a habit of including his fans in his posts. Be sure to look very close to see if you make an appearance and then proceed to rub it in the faces of all your friends.


Luke Bryan’s latest album, Kill the Lights, is available on iTunes now!