Lydia McLaughlin on Confidants, Alexis vs. Gretchen, and Strippers — Exclusive!
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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Lydia McLaughlin on Confidants, Alexis vs. Gretchen, and Strippers — Exclusive!

Lydia McLaughlin may be the newest of the Real Housewives of Orange County, but she's already navigating the dramatic, gossip waters like a pro. At the Beverly Hills Lifestyle Magazine Anniversary Party last night, June 6, in Los Angeles, we picked Lydia's brain on a variety of salacious topics: her confidants, her annoyances, her alliances, and her near run-in with a stripper.

Wetpaint Entertainment: Who would you say is your closest confidant on the show?
Lydia McLaughlin: You know, it changes. It depends on what it is about. I’m close with Vicky, and I’m close with Alexis.

We were just watching the bachelorette party. What was it like to see that yourself and relive it?
I just saw the episode that’s happening on Monday, and I watched it with my husband, and I was so thankful that I left before the stripper got there. It’s pretty intense.

Is there anyone with whom you wish you didn’t have to film anymore?
A couple of the girls, yeah.

Any names you can put out there?
No. I mean, maybe girls or maybe boys.

What makes you not want to film with them?
I don’t like drama. But, I mean, I think that there’s good and bad in everybody. So it’s interesting to see [when] they’ll show you’re good, and on the next episode they’ll show you’re bad, so it’s interesting.

Do you feel caught in the middle between Gretchen and Alexis?
No, because I am not really friends with Gretchen. I’m friends with Alexis.

So you’re Team Alexis?
I’m Team Alexis. It took me awhile to get there, but at the end of the day, I’m there.