Lydia McLaughlin Defends Her Comments to Slade About “Miss Piggy”
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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Lydia McLaughlin Defends Her Comments to Slade About “Miss Piggy”

Lydia McLaughlin has no regrets about bringing up Slade Smiley's previous issues with Vicki Gunvalson on this week's episode of Real Housewives of Orange County, even though she hadn't been directly involved in their issues.

"I'm right to my own opinion, I stand by my opinions, and I don't go and talk about them behind other people's back," Lydia tells a caller on Watch What Happens Live on June 17 who asked what gave her the right to address Slade's "Miss Piggy" radio comments about Vicki.

"I have no problem saying it to your face," she adds. "And Slade said, 'You made an assumption,' and I had no problem saying, 'Yes, I'm assuming this - is it true or not?'"

"And so I don't think that that means I'm shady or anything like that," Lydia points out.

Lydia wishes more of the ladies on the show would follow her lead by being upfront about their problems with the others.

"I just say it how it is, and there's a lot of all this [gossipping] behind-the-scenes and whispers," she continues. "I'm more like, 'What did you say let's talk about it,' rather than not being direct."

There's no question that Lydia is direct but we're not so sure if Slade appreciated her direct approach.

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