Lydia McLaughlin Explains Why Slade’s Comment Upset Her So Much
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Lydia McLaughlin Explains Why Slade’s Comment Upset Her So Much

Lydia McLaughlin explains now that there were multiple reasons why Slade Smiley's comment about her needing a cheeseburger bothered her on this week's episode of Real Housewives of Orange County.

"Slade's comment and the whole situation upset and frustrated me on many different levels, which is why I think I got more and more upset," she writes in her Bravo blog. "First of all, I am the hostess of the party. Secondly, I don't know him that well. So the fact that he whispered what I perceived to be an insult about me was not cool."

"It was also inappropriate that he didn't say 'I'm sorry. Let's move on,' but instead continued to explain all the reasons why he felt his comment was OK," Lydia adds. "Don't forget that we had just gotten back from Mexico where Gretchen was whispering sweet nothings about me in the limo."

"If he would of just taken ownership for his comment, apologized if it upset me, we could have moved on... but that didn't happen," she says.

Lydia also hasn't liked comments Slade has made about other women in the past.

"It's not what Slade said that upset me so much," she writes. "It is his history of putting down other women's appearances publicly. Last year he called Tamra too fat, and he's made fun of Vicki's nose. Now he's going after me at my own party!?! Who died and made him the appearance police?"

"And for Gretchen to say I'm making a big deal out of nothing just showed me how insensitive she is," Lydia says. "Maybe love is blind, but I can't image my husband Doug ever acting like that. Men should be lifting woman up — not critiquing our appearance."

So let's just say we doubt Lydia will be all that thrilled about inviting Slade to her next party, whenever that might be.

Source: Lydia's Bravo blog