Lydia McLaughlin on a “Fricking Intense” Real Housewives of OC Reunion — Exclusive
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Lydia McLaughlin on a “Fricking Intense” Real Housewives of OC Reunion — Exclusive

It was a Real Housewives bonanza at the the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey circus at the Staples center last night. Based on what Wetpaint Entertainment heard when we spoke with Lydia McLaughlin on the red carpet, however, it was a lot less wild than the Real Housewives of Orange County reunion the ladies taped yesterday.

Wetpaint Entertainment: I know you’re originally from Canada, how was it taking the cast of RHOC to Whistler?

Lydia McLaughlin: It was fun; they got to meet my uncle! I’ve actually never been to Vancouver so it was cool for me to get to go there too. It was really fun but it was also extremely crazy and you see some of that on the show and a lot of it was also off the show. So it was nuts, it was nuts, crazytown and it’s still crazytown. I don’t think you’re ever used to it but you make friends, you really do and you have bonds. It’s a big dysfunctional family.

After seeing much of Season 8, what is your opinion of how you have been portrayed? And what does your husband, Doug, think?

My husband, Doug, is super supportive so he thinks it’s just fun and funny and lighthearted. If I’m taking it too seriously he’s really good at bringing me back down and reeling me in a little bit. I think that’s its been a pretty good portrayal. I’m really sarcastic and I think sometimes that doesn’t translate and I don’t take myself too seriously so sometimes I say things as a joke and the viewers or even the housewives take offense to it. I’m like, duh, you can’t take yourself so seriously; everyone needs to chill out.

What do you think fans will be most surprised about in Season 8?

A: The reunion. Our reunion was so fricking intense. I got up and left at one point because it was just so nasty and negative. It was just crazy and I didn’t know how to handle it. I needed to remove myself from the situation, so it was a lot. It was so intense, they had planned on Lauri [Peterson] to come and Andy was even like, ‘I don’t know if I can interview her.’ We were all so spent before they even brought her out and she was like the bomb they were supposed to be dropping and it already got dropped with us. So we were just like, ‘Can we not?’ We’re just all so done! It will be good TV.

What housewife would you say you’re the closest with?

Alexis. And actually, the viewers see Gretchen [Rossi] and I not ever talking and we’ve started connecting. We’ve started to connect so we’ve started to form a really fun friendship.

That was my next question! So what is your relationship with her like?

We are becoming really close.

Does that mean you’ve gotten over the cheeseburger joke Slade made?

Yeah I mean we saw each other at Tamra’s wedding and I Tweeted and Instagrammed a photo of the two of us eating cheeseburgers together. It comes to a head a little bit more that you are going to see. You’ll see the story.

How is it having Lauri back on the show for some of the episodes?

It’s drama. I still am unclear her intentions of why she came back. I feel like she just wanted to be famous and come on TV and bash a former friend. I don’t understand why you would do that, no matter if she thinks Vicki did these things to her eight years ago. Eight years ago someone cut me off on the 5 freeway; where is her mother? I don’t understand people like that.

How is your mother doing?

A: She’s awesome, that would be the one thing, you need to have drama and that’s a drama we have with her smoking pot but we are best friends. She lives across the street from me and I love her and we have such a good relationship. I am her biggest supporter and she is mine. I wish they showed a little bit more of that but we know it’s true.

Any fun summer plans that you have lined up?

A: Yes I’m actually heading off to Italy in two weeks. I go every summer and they don’t speak any English and I don’t speak any Italian. It’s been like that every year and we are just like yay familia, cheers, ciao, bella! That’s all you need to know!