Lydia McLaughlin: Gretchen Dissing Alexis Made Me “Uncomfortable”
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Lydia McLaughlin: Gretchen Dissing Alexis Made Me “Uncomfortable”

Real Housewives of Orange County star Lydia McLaughlin is having a tough time befriending the ladies who dislike Alexis Bellino while still remaining close to Alexis herself.

Lydia writes in her Bravo blog that she would rather Alexis's name not be brought up in conversation.

"When the conversation at dinner that night started to revolve around Alexis again, I felt uncomfortable," Lydia writes.

"I wanted to let Gretchen know that from my past conversations with Alexis, she seemed to be really hurt by Gretchen," she continues. "Alexis never spoke ill of her, but there seems to be a real feeling of sadness like she had lost a true friend."

However, Gretchen made it difficult for Lydia to discuss this.

"When Gretchen said she found that hard to believe, I just wanted to drop the conversation," she says. "I don't know the ins and outs of their relationship, and I didn't want to speak on Alexis' behalf in front of the whole table."

Lydia believes that Heather Dubrow and Terry still love each other and have a strong marriage, despite their tiff.

"I think they have both learned and grown from this experience," Lydia writes. "Heather was able to express herself and her wants from Terry, and I think he realized his shortcomings."

"Being a mother, I completely understand what she is talking about," she adds about Heather wanting more support to pursue her dreams.

Let's hope Lydia continues to stay out of the drama as best she can!

Source: Lydia's Bravo blog