Lydia McLaughlin: I Didn’t Appreciate How Lauri Treated Vicki
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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Lydia McLaughlin: I Didn’t Appreciate How Lauri Treated Vicki

Lauri Peterson's comments about Brooks Ayers made Vicki Gunvalson cry on this week's episode of Real Housewives of Orange County, and Lydia McLaughlin doesn't approve.

Lydia writes in her Bravo blog that Lauri should have chosen a different time and place to give Vicki the upsetting news.

"In my opinion, if Lauri really felt that Vicki needed to hear what she knew about Brooks, Lauri should have called or taken Vicki aside," Lydia explains. "Instead, she just dropped the bomb in front of all of us. My heart broke for Vicki."

"I don't think Lauri's intentions were bad, but Vicki's response was real and honest, and it was so hard to see my friend in pain," Lydia adds.

Lydia McLaughlin: I Didn’t Appreciate How Lauri Treated Vicki
Credit: Vivian Zink/Bravo © NBC Universal, Inc.    

Later in the episode, the ladies discuss whether Gretchen Rossi lied about getting a role on Malibu Country, and Lydia thinks that was wrong of the women.

"It's no secret that Gretchen and I haven't been able to become best friends, but why are we talking about her, especially since she wasn't there to give her side of the story," Lydia wonders. "It seemed wrong to be speculating behind her back, especially since Gretchen DID come wedding dress shopping and made the right decision."

But Lydia did appreciate that the ladies had her back in the limo when she was talking about Slade Smiley's cheeseburger comment.

"It was validating to hear that the girls understood where I was coming from and affirm my feelings," she writes. "I felt really supported and justified by my friends."

We're just glad to see a limo ride on this show where everyone basically seemed to be getting along!

Source: Lydia's Bravo blog

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