Lydia McLaughlin on Slade Smiley: “I Don’t Think Slade is Some Horrible Man”
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Lydia McLaughlin on Slade Smiley: “I Don’t Think Slade is Some Horrible Man”

Lydia McLaughlin is an amazing person.

In her latest blog post, Lydia tackles a difficult topic: Slade Smiley calling Vicki Gunvalson "Tupperware Face" on his radio talk show — and she definitely has some feelings about the controversial scene (video below).

"I had never heard 'Radio Slade' or any of the comedy bits about Vicki before she played them for us that day," Lydia said. "I don't think I can express to you how sad, awkward, and broken that moment was. To see Vicki's obvious pain from Slade's words was hard to stomach. We sat there listening to him ripping on her until I finally had to ask her to turn it off."

So what does Lydia think Slade's punishment should be? "Slade should have to sit in a room with Vicki while she listened to his words," she said. "Perhaps this would help him realize how powerful they are."

At the beginning of the blog, Lydia mentions how her feelings about things are always changing and have grown since the episode was taped. So it doesn't really come as a surprise that her feelings about the whole situation are mild, to say the least.

"That said, I don't think people are all bad or all good and I don't think Slade is some horrible man," she explained. "I believe he has been hurt, and so he is trying to hurt in return. That is what I meant when I said 'Hurt people hurt people' (the title of her blog post). That doesn't excuse his actions at all. I just hope when he watches this he can grow from it."

Source: Lydia's Bravo Blog