Maci Bookout\'s Boyfriend, Taylor McKinney, Is Moving to Tennessee
Maci Bookout’s Boyfriend, Taylor McKinney, Is Moving to Tennessee
Credit: Maci Bookout on Instagram    

Maci Bookout

Maci Bookout’s Boyfriend, Taylor McKinney, Is Moving to Tennessee


It's finally happening, people! After more than a year of long distance love, Teen Mom Maci Bookout's boyfriend, Taylor McKinney, is finally moving to her home state of Tennessee! We know, right? It's been a long time coming.

Taylor and Maci started dating in late 2012, and fell hopelessly in love –– despite the fact that Taylor lived all the way in Dallas, Texas (where he was working as a motocross racer). It's pretty impressive that Maci and her man have managed to make things work long distance, but thanks to great communication (and the fact that they jet back and forth to see each other all the time), they're stronger than ever!

We're sure Maci's thrilled that Taylor is finally moving to her neck of the woods, and she hopped on Twitter to spill the deets writing, "Just dropped T off at the airport... can’t believe that the next time I see him he will officially be a Tennessee resident. #makinmoves."

Aww, we're so happy for these two! Taylor seems like a great addition to Maci's family, and he gets along super-well with her son, Bentley. Plus, we trolled around Taylor's MySpace before it became restricted, and learned that he wants to have children "someday!"

Are you excited for this big change in Maci's life? Hopefully, we'll get a front row seat to Taylor's cross country move when Teen Mom returns from the grave for its rumored fifth season.

Source: Taylor McKinney on MySpace