What’s on Maci Bookout’s Bucket List?
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Maci Bookout

What’s on Maci Bookout’s Bucket List?

You guys, Maci Bookout is living the dream. Her hair is the color of Tang, she has an adorable love child named Bentley, a crazy-hot baby daddy named Ryan Edwards, an even more crazy-hot boyfriend named Taylor McKinney, and she's super smart to boot.

Sure, girlfriend owes major money to the IRS, but let's just pretend like that didn't happen for the purpose of this article, shall we? The point is that Maci's living the good life — but there's still so much she wants to achieve! At least in the way of extreme sports...

Maci seems pretty content with her life in Chattanooga, but if there's one thing this Tennessee native is itching to do, it's flinging herself out of an airplane.

"The number one thing on my bucket list is to go skydiving," Maci recently told OK! Magazine. "Just because I’ve heard so many things about how it’s the craziest experience when you jump and how, once your parachute opens, it’s the most peaceful thing."

Yeah, nothing sounds more peaceful than flopping out of a moving plane and careening down to earth. Oh, except for literally anything else. Sigh, Maci is such a daredevil!

Do you think she should take the plunge or do you think she should take up a slightly safer hobby? After all, this girl has a kid to look after — what if something happened to her!

Source: OK! Magazine

06.18.2014 / 12:00 AM EDT by Mehera Bonner
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