What Are the Meanings Behind Maci Bookout’s Tattoos? Find Out Here!
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Maci Bookout

What Are the Meanings Behind Maci Bookout’s Tattoos? Find Out Here!

Much like the rest of Teen Mom Land denizens, Maci Bookout is covered in body art. This ginger bombshell loves nothing more than getting her tattoo on, and her collection of ink rivals the likes of Kat Von D. Seriously, name a spot on Maci's body and she probably has a tattoo there.

This starlet's decorative tattoos have been a source of speculation for years (especially those giant cupcakes on her back...), and she's finally opening up about the meaning behind some of her most well-known pieces of ink. Let's break this thing down!

"Bulletproof": This bad-boy is located on Maci's right shoulder, and acts as a pillar of support in her every day life. "It's a reminder to myself that no matter the struggle I happen to face in life, it will never be enough to break me," she muses.

“Bentley Cadence”: Does this one really need an explanation? Maci got it to honor her son, and she says it's "probably the 'prettiest' tattoo I have."

"Learn to Feel": This one is scrawled below Maci's left breast, and has all kinds of deep meanings. "I was going through a tough time in my life emotionally," she explains. "I had become completely numb to my feelings and emotions. I knew that in order to push through those hard times I would have to 'Learn to Feel' and let go."

Notebook Paper: This is Maci's largest tattoo, and it's pretty complex. The notebook paper is a shoutout to her love for writing, and features a hand-written poem. The cupcakes in "Bookout" represent her mom, her dad, and her brother. And the best part? The yellow duck in the corner is a homage to MTV. "Being on MTV was a huge part of my life, this was my way of incorporating that in to my back piece," Maci says.

Heart: Apparently this tattoo is a huge secret, so don't even bother asking!

Pocket Watch: You can find this one right underneath "bulletproof," and you'll notice it's set to the hour and minute Maci was born. “Sooner or later, I hope to get script added that says, 'timing is everything even if it’s not on purpose,'" she says.

Pencil: Because she likes writing with pencils. Duh.

We're so happy Maci's finally shed some light on the meaning behind her tattoos. Though we can't help but notice that she didn't mention the fact that she has the initials M and R tatted on her arm. Any guesses as to what the R stands for? Cough, Ryan Edwards, cough.

What do you think of Maci’s tattoos? Weigh in below!

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