Maci Bookout on Post-Pregnancy: “I Am Still Amazed at What My Body Was Capable of”
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Maci Bookout

Maci Bookout on Post-Pregnancy: “I Am Still Amazed at What My Body Was Capable of”

Popping a giant baby out of your lady parts is no easy feat — just ask Teen Mom's Maci Bookout! This ginger bombshell is notorious for not holding back when it comes to her opinions, and she recently took it to her blog for some PG-13 real talk about her post-pregnancy body. After all, many young mothers have no idea what to expect after giving birth, but fear not! Maci is here to set us straight.

First up, your lady parts. "After my beautiful Bentley made his way into the world, it seemed as though my [private parts] became an emergency exit for everything else inside of me," Maci writes. "I couldn't count on two hands (better yet, hold with two hands) how many things the doctor pulled out of me, and Bentley being the only beautiful part."

Sounds somewhat horrifying, but Maci is 100 percent correct! After giving birth to a baby, women will then deliver the placenta — and that's not all. "I quickly found that my son wasn't going to be the only one wearing diapers," Maci says.

"I won't go far in detail, but just be prepared for any and all kinds of fluid to be exiting your body following delivery … And I don't mean for just a couple of days."

Way to sugar coat it, Maci! But wait, there's more — it's time to talk about lactation. "Be sure to take advantage of what I like to call 'bra diapers,'" she says. "The awkward, yet helpful, pads that you place in your bra to keep you from walking around with a soaking wet shirt and smelling like you drowned yourself with milk scented perfume."

And there goes lunch. Sure, Maci's informational post-pregnancy expectations might be a little graphic, but they're super informative and helpful. To paraphrase Maci herself, it's truly amazing what the human body is capable of — we're blown away by her story!

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