Maci Bookout’s Boyfriend Taylor McKinney Moves to Tennessee!
Credit: Maci Bookout on Instagram    

Maci Bookout

Maci Bookout’s Boyfriend Taylor McKinney Moves to Tennessee!

The day we've all been waiting for has finally arrived! And when we say "the day we've all been waiting for," we really mean the day Maci Bookout has been waiting for.

You guessed it, after more than a year in a long distance relationship, this ginger reality star is finally going to be living in the same state as her boyfriend, Taylor McKinney!

These lovebirds have been dating for what seems like forever, but Taylor's been living all the way in Texas for almost their entire relationship. Sure, Maci and Taylor take turns visiting each other, but Maci can't move to the Lonestar State because she shares custody of her son, Bentley, with his dad Ryan Edwards. Luckily, Taylor is willing to relocate for his lady!

Maci broke the news about Taylor's plans to move to Chatt-Town back in May tweeting, "Just dropped T off at the airport... can’t believe that the next time I see him he will officially be a Tennessee resident. #makinmoves."

Well, y'all, it's been about a month and Maci and Taylor are finally reuniting! "Cant wait to see T tomorrow after a looong month apart!" Maci tweeted on June 30.

No word yet as to whether Taylor will be moving in with Maci and Bentley, or if he'll get a place of his own. But now that this dude is in Tennessee we only have one thing on our minds: when is boyfriend going to put a ring on it?!