Credit: Maci Bookout on Instagram

Maci Bookout and her boyfriend, Taylor McKinney, are killing us softly with their adorable relationship. These lovebirds have been together for a couple years now, and they've managed to stand by each other through thick and thin — despite the fact that they're long distance! Yep, Maci lives in Chattanooga, Tennessee, while Taylor is currently shacked up in Texas.

Credit: Maci Bookout on Instagram

Shocking, we know! But Maci can't move to the Lonestar State because she has shared custody of her son, Bentley, and Taylor can't move to Chatt-Town because...actually, we're not sure why he can't move. Get your fauxhawk over there, Taylor!

Luckily, Maci and Taylor see each other on the regular despite the long distance, and they recently hung out to celebrate Taylor's 25th birthday in Texas! Naturally, that meant that they posed for a bunch of adorable photos, one of which Maci shared on Instagram with the caption, "Had a wonderful weekend in Texas celebrating [Taylor's] birthday! Love this guy, gonna miss him!"

Aww, they are too perfect! We've never seen Maci look more happy and content — despite the fact that she's upset over the loss of Taylor's mountain man beard. It sounds like they had a magical time, and Maci even hit Twitter to muse on how much she loves her man. "Happy birthday to[Taylor]," she tweeted. "I’m a lucky ginger to have such an amazing man beside me. I love you babe! Here’s to 25 more years together."

We suddenly feel so alone. Time for a cuddle session with our collection of Teen Mom VHS tapes.

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