Bachelor 2015: Who Is Eliminated Contestant Mackenzie Deonigi?
Bachelor 2015: Who Is Eliminated Contestant Mackenzie Deonigi?
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Bachelor 2015: Who Is Eliminated Contestant Mackenzie Deonigi?


UPDATE (2/9/15): Mackenzie Deonigi, aka the one who told Chris Soules he had a big nose during their first date, didn't get a rose during Season 19 Episode 6 of Bachelor 2015.

Mackenzie has a toddler named Kale at home, so it makes sense that Chris wouldn’t keep her around if he didn’t see a future with them. Still, the elimination clearly took its toll on the 21-year-old, who said through tears, “I don’t know if I’d ever be able to get over it.”

Don’t worry Mack, we see good things for you in the future. But know, we'll definitely miss all of that spunk and those absurd comments!

Original story (12/17/14):

Felicity called and she wants her hair back. We’re looking at you Bachelor 2015 contestant, Mackenzie Deonigi! But we assume she’ll forgive you for taking it, because in a crop of ladies competing for Chris Soules’ heart that are either blonde or imposter fragrance versions of Andi Dorfman, we’ve gotta assume Prince Farming is as intrigued by the Keri Russell lookalike as we are.

So what do we know about our curly-haired new best friend? At just 21 years old, this gal from a suburb of Seattle is one of the youngest competitors on Season 19. But despite her age, she may be a match for Chris yet! She’s a single mom of a toddler son named Kale and, according to our math, kale lover + corn farmer = match made in heaven, people!

We don’t know much else about the beauty, other than that she’s a dental assistant so she has a fairly strong stomach for gross things. She’s also a woman of simple needs. When listing what would make her eternally happy, she said “never having to get shots.” And when asked what would send her into the depths of sorrow, Mac-D (trying out nicknames) answered “never getting to drive.” Good thing Chris has lots and lots of tractors to steer this one to her happy place!

Want to know more? You’re kind of out of luck for now. Her Instagram is private to ward off stalkers like us, and girlfriend isn’t big on the whole tweeting thing (she joined Twitter in 2012 and has yet to make a peep).

What do you think of Felicity Mackenzie’s chances with Chris? Strong, or will she be crying her heart out to Sally sooner rather than later? Tell us below.

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