Mackenzie Douthit

Full name: Mackenzie Douthit
Date of birth: October 17, 1994
Hometown: Miami, Oklahoma
Children: Gannon Mckee (born September 12, 2011)
Baby daddy: Josh McKee
Bet you didn’t know: Mackenzie has Type 1 diabetes

Not only is this gal a teenage mom, she's a competitive cheerleader, and she's putting herself through cosmetic school. Mackenzie and her boyfriend, Josh, became pregnant after skipping out on birth control, and got engaged shortly after. Unfortunately, these two canceled their wedding plans, but they're still dating and living the fab life in Oklahoma.

Josh's budding career as a bull rider has been a major source of contention for Mackenzie (especially after he sustained an injury), but he's still riding. Despite the fact that Josh and Mackenzie are in love, she currently lives with her family (including two cute-as-pie sisters), and rides horses in her free time! 

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