Did Mackenzie Douthit Have Her Baby?
Credit: Mackenzie Douthit on Instagram    

Teen Mom 3

Did Mackenzie Douthit Have Her Baby?

Can you believe that Teen Mom 3's Mackenzie Douthit is already six months pregnant with her second child? It seems like just yesterday that Mackenzie was popping out her OG son Gannon, and now she's only three months away from giving birth to an adorable baby girl. That's right, three months away — meaning she did not already have her kiddo.

Some fans seemed to be under the impression that Mackenzie had gone into early labor when she posted a photo of her husband, Josh McKee, and Gannon sitting in a hospital room with the caption "Time to see baby sister," but fear not! Mackenzie is still very much pregnant, and took it to Twitter to explain her confusing Instagram photo.

"No I didn't have the baby," Mackenzie confirmed. "The boys were at mu [sic] ultrasound."

Phew! While it would be all kinds of exciting if Mackenzie had her baby, the delivery would be premature to the point of being risky — and we want Mackenzie's labor to go off without a hitch when the baby is good and ready!

That being said, Mackenzie does have Type 1 Diabetes, a condition which comes with its fair share of pregnancy complications. This cowgirl has already been in the hospital for a few blood sugar scares, so fingers crossed that she makes it through the rest of her pregnancy without a hitch!