What Is Mackenzie Douthit’s Latest Post-Pregnancy Workout?
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Mackenzie Douthit

What Is Mackenzie Douthit’s Latest Post-Pregnancy Workout?

Mackenzie Douthit popped out a baby a few months ago, so you'd think this Teen Mom 3 star would be spending her time lounging around the house, staring wistfully at her stretch marks, and eating her emotions. But that would be inaccurate. After all, this is Mackenzie we're talking about — girlfriend is basically a fitness guru, and between the yoga, running, and professional cheerleading, she's all about getting her post-pregnancy body back into shape!

Mackenzie gave birth to her daughter, Jaxie Taylor, this past February, and just over one month later, she's already sporting a six pack. It's literally insane, but all you have to do is check out Mackenzie's crazy exercise routine to understand why she's so fit. This girl hits the gym non-stop, and the latest workout she's trying on for size? CrossFit!

"Holy cross fit work out," Mackenzie tweeted on March 31. "I’m about to die."

If Mackenzie felt like she was about to die, we're pretty sure we would have actually died. Can you believe how motivated this former reality star is? Who knows how she makes time for exercise while taking care of two kids, and crocheting camo-headbands all day (that's actually her job), but she's an inspiration for all new moms who want to get back into fitness!

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