Mackenzie Douthit Says Prayer Is “So Important” in Her Marriage
Credit: Mackenzie Douthit on Instagram    

Mackenzie Douthit

Mackenzie Douthit Says Prayer Is “So Important” in Her Marriage

As most die-hard fans of Mackenzie Douthit know, girlfriend has a perpetual fear that the horned devil-man known as "Satan" is trying to destroy her relationship with Josh McKee.

Mackenzie and Josh have voiced their concern over Hellboy on several occasions, most recently when Mackenzie shared a screen grab of her texts with Josh, in which she wrote "Satan tries very hard to get in between us," and he replied, "We shall defeat him baby." Good times!

Well, y'all, looks like these lovebirds have finally found a way to defeat this dude thanks to a lil' something-something called prayer.

"I dont care what anyone says, praying together is SO important in a relationship..." Mackenzie recently tweeted to fans. It goes without saying that Mackenzie and Josh are religious, and it's super sweet that they carve time out of their day to pray.

The key is that these two spend valuable time doing something that they both feel passionately about, which is definitely a good thing for their relationship! Plus, it keeps Satan away, so...

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