Does Mackenzie Douthit Plan on Breastfeeding Her Baby?
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Does Mackenzie Douthit Plan on Breastfeeding Her Baby?

Have you heard the happy news? Teen Mom 3's Mackenzie Douthit is pregnant with her second child, an adorable baby girl! This Southern belle is almost halfway through her pregnancy, and her life is about to drastically change. Sure, this ain't Mackenzie's first baby rodeo, but there's no denying that having an infant is hard work. Mackenzie will have to sacrifice time with her husband, her friends, and her son in order to raise the baby, and let's not forget the toll this kiddo will take on her wallet.

The good news is that Mackenzie already owns all the gear she needs (she can just reuse Gannon's crib, highchair, and car seat!), but what about formula? This liquid gold is crazy expensive, and Mackenzie has decided to save a few bucks by breastfeeding.

"Im going to breastfeed until she is one so I never have to buy formula ;)" Mackenzie tweeted on October 7.

Way to go, Mackenzie! Not only is breastfeeding super cheap (read: completely free), it's super healthy. Breastfed babies have better immunity, are less prone to obesity, and get sick less often. Not only that, but Mackenzie will burn tons of calories!

This gal isn't the only champion of "breast is best" in Teen Mom land. Her co-star, Katie Yeager, breastfed her daughter Molli for over a year and is a huge fan. Hopefully Mackenzie won't have any trouble breastfeeding, and if she does, she can always hit up Katie for tips!

10.8.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Mehera Bonner
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