What’s Mackenzie Douthit’s Secret to Getting a Toned Butt?
Credit: Mackenzie Douthit on Instagram    

Mackenzie Douthit

What’s Mackenzie Douthit’s Secret to Getting a Toned Butt?

Do you ever look at Teen Mom 3's Mackenzie Douthit and marvel at the fact that she popped out two kids? This southern belle gave birth to her second child, Jaxie, just three months ago and she's already sporting a six-pack! Sigh, clearly she's doing something right...namely, a bunch of sit-ups.

Mackenzie definitely has an enviable body thanks to tons of working out and a healthy diet of fruits and veggies, but her most covetable asset? That would be her derriere. To invoke our favorite phrase of the ‘80s, Mackenzie has buns of steel — but her butt hasn't always been so perfect. In fact, she used to hate it...until she discovered the wonder of squats.

"I’ve never liked my butt so much," Mackenzie tweeted on May 13. "Thank you squats. You work wonders."

Sounds like Mackenzie's ample assets took a lot of hard work, but if you're prepared to spend your life squatting for pleasure, your butt could look just as amazing in time for bikini season!

Unfortunately, we're unable to do squats because we're too busy ordering stuffed-crust pizza, but maybe the extra cheese will have the same effect. A girl can dream!