Mackenzie Douthit Secretly Married and Possibly Pregnant!
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Mackenzie Douthit Secretly Married and Possibly Pregnant!

The time has come to grab your pearls and clutch them like you've never clutched them before. Why? Because Teen Mom 3's Mackenzie Douthit is serving up a truth bomb! Not only does it appear as though this gal is pregnant with her second child, she just shared the news that she's been secretly married to her baby daddy, Josh McKee, for months!

Mackenzie and Josh are gearing up for their big, white wedding on the weekend on August 16, so we're assuming that they pulled a Kailyn Lowry and got hitched at a courthouse prior to the main event. But even more shocking? The alleged bun in Mackenzie's oven!

"And yes. For everyone wondering, im 12 weeks pregnant...." Mackenzie posted to Facebook. "time to tell the truth."

Wow, it looks like congratulations might be in order! And for those of you wondering about the veracity of Mackenzie's Facebook account, she also commented on her reported pregnancy via Twitter. "Been married for months but im not allowed to get pregs with my husband without miami girls subtweeting..." she shared on August 12. "do i look like I care????"

That’s Miami, Oklahoma where Macks currently lives for all you super fans.

We're more than surprised by this double whammy, but there have definitely been clues along the way. Mackenzie's always been upfront about how she and Josh were waiting to shack up until after they got hitched –– however, recent tweets imply that they spend nights together with their adorable son, Gannon.

Furthermore, Mackenzie was recently hospitalized. At the time, we assumed her hospitalization was simply related to insulin levels (she suffers from Type 1 diabetes), but perhaps her apparent pregnancy also played a part. After all, Mackenzie's been open about how dangerous getting pregnant is for her –– in fact doctors encouraged her to have an abortion the first time round!

Are you surprised by Mackenzie's big news? Weigh in below!

Source: Facebook / Twitter