Does Mackenzie Douthit Want a Boob Job?!
Credit: Mackenzie Douthit on Instagram    

Mackenzie Douthit

Does Mackenzie Douthit Want a Boob Job?!

MTV's Teen Moms might have their fair share of financial problems (basically, it's less money mo' problems up in their world), but a surprisingly large number of them have sprung for plastic surgery.

Aside from legend-in-the-making Farrah Abraham, who's a Barbie girl living in a Barbie world, both Maci Bookout and Jenelle Evans got breast implants after popping out their kiddos.

More power to these ladies for taking control of their bodies and doing what makes them happy, but some of their co-stars have zero interest in going under the knife — no matter how much their bodies change post-pregnancy!

Take Mackenzie Douthit, for example. This southern belle recently gave birth to her second child, and says the biggest change in her body is that her breasts are a mere shadow of their former selves. So, what's she going to do about it? Nothing!

"Having kids didn’t put weight on me or give me stretch marks, it just took my boobs away. Like I have nothing," she tweeted, adding "And Josh says he likes them the way they are and NO WAY can I get a boob job. Ehh boo you."

While it's great that Mackenzie's hubby approves of her breasts, the only opinion that really matters is her own. As long as this girl is comfortable in her own skin and loves the way she looks, she's making the right decision!

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