Credit: Instagram

Mackenzie Douthit's life is officially free of all flaws. When she isn't busy slamming Satan and wondering if she's murdering innocent chickens while making scrambled eggs, she can be found wandering around the backwoods of Oklahoma killing cuddly forest animals. Turns out Mackenzie and her husband, Josh McKee, are big on hunting, and they recently hit up Mother Nature to bring down a young buck. Not to be confused with the rapper, Young Buck.

Credit: instagram

"Goodmorning from the Mckee family ;)" Mackenzie posted to Instagram along with a picture that has rendered us unable to keep down our breakfast. "#buck #hunting #lovemylife."

Please feel free to take a moment to deep breath into a brown paper bag, because yes — if you clicked that link, what you're looking at appears to be a cute deer that is all kinds of dead after being shot by Josh and Mackenzie. We're not sure why half of said deer's chest seems to be missing, but Gannon's face says it all. Or, more specifically, it says "OMG my parents killed Bambi!"

This image is somewhat shocking, but it's probable that Mackenzie and Josh are going to eat the deer. Why they can't just go down to the grocery store and buy their meat like normal folks is a mystery to us all, but hey — maybe they're just really big on deer burgers!

Are you shocked that Mackenzie proudly killed this critter and then let her kiddo stand next to it's dead body, or do controversial images like this just go with the territory when it comes to hunting? Hit the comments!