Credit: Instagram

Can you believe Mackenzie Douthit is already seven months pregnant with her baby daughter? It seems like just yesterday that this gal was thin, trim, and walking down the aisle next to a bunch of hay bales, and now she's sporting a giant belly!

Credit: Instagram

Mackenzie and her husband, Josh McKee, are super excited about the upcoming arrival of their Southern princess, and Mackenzie (who's usually pretty shy when it comes to sharing her life on social media) took it to Instagram to show off a picture of her bulging bump.

In a word: OMG. Mackenzie's getting so enormous — we can't even imagine what she'll look like three months from now when she hits the 40-week mark! This gal's pregnancy has been far from easy (she was hospitalized for a diabetic flare-up), but it seems like she's in pretty good health for the time being. Phew!

Sadly, we won't see Mackenzie's second labor and delivery on Teen Mom 3 because show was recently cancelled, which means Mackenzie is out of the spotlight — unless MTV decides to give her a spin-off (hint hint!).

What do you think of Mackenzie's bare baby bump? She looks like she's about to pop!

Source: Instagram