Credit: Instagram

Everyone please feel free to fly into a panic, because it looks like Teen Mom 3's Mackenzie Douthit could be in labor. This professional cheerleader is currently eight months pregnant with her second child (a cowgirl!), and her pregnancy hasn't exactly been smooth sailing. 

Credit: Instagram

Mackenzie's taken several unexpected trips to the hospital thanks to dips in her blood sugar, and it's a well-established fact that diabetes can cause preterm labor. Yikes!

So is Mackenzie about to push a baby out of her lady parts? Possibly. This blonde bombshell took it to Twitter with a cryptic tweet, causing Teen Mom 3 fans worldwide to clutch their pearls.

"I really hope I just peed my pants and that wasnt my water breaking," she mused. "Husbands with a pregnant wife... DONT JUMP OUT AND SCARE HER."

It's safe to assume this is the only time Mackenzie's will hope she peed her pants. While eight months pregnant (32 weeks, give or take) isn't always dangerously early to have a child, babies who are born closer to the 40-week mark definitely have less chance of complications. However, at the time of writing this article Mackenzie hasn't returned to Twitter to tell fans whether or not her water really didbreak, so we're going to go ahead and grab a bucket of popcorn and watch this whole thing play out.

Here's to hoping that Mackenzie peed herself, and that her baby gal is still nice and toasty in her belly!