Credit: Instagram

Mackenzie Douthit is 36 weeks pregnant, which means she's waddling around Oklahoma with a giant watermelon-sized human in her stomach. Most normal folks would spend this time relaxing, binge-eating potato chips, and massaging their cankles, but Mackenzie? Not so much.

Credit: Instagram

This former Teen Mom 3 star has always been fit n' fabulous, and her pregnancy is no different. Not only did Mackenzie retain her six-pack throughout the past 9 months (yep, you can see her muscles through her baby bump), she's also retained her zest for exercise!

Apparently, Mackenzie is having unusual pregnancy cravings, and not for pickles and ice cream. This Southern belle wants nothing more than to work out — despite the fact that her belly is literallyenormous.

"36 weeks pregnant and I feel like tumbling or running a 5k....." she tweeted on January 27. "hmm."

We don't get it either. The thought of running a 5k is completely horrifying to us at the best of times! Unfortunately, Mackenzie has reached the point in her pregnancy where intensive exercise isn't advisable, so it looks like she'll have to put her dreams on hold and shovel some food into her mouth like a normal person.

By the way — can you believe girlfriend only has four weeks left in her pregnancy? Check back in with Wetpaint Entertainment for the latest news on Mackenzie's labor and delivery, because she could pop at any minute!