Credit: Mackenzie Douthit on Instagram

You might want to put down that giant bucket of buttered popcorn, because Mackenzie Douthit is doing what she does best: making us anxious about the fact that we don't have a six pack.

Credit: Mackenzie Douthit on Instagram

This Teen Mom 3 star is known for her enviable body, and despite popping out a baby just a few months ago, she's currently sporting rock-hard abs. In fact, Mackenzie weighs less now than she did before her daughter, Jaxie, was born!

This professional cheerleader and mother-of-two looks amazing thanks to a combination of healthy eating and exercise, and she's definitely committed to her bikini body. Want proof? Just check out this recent picture of Mackenzie and her hubby, Josh McKee, vogueing for the camera during Memorial Day weekend. Yep, they look insanely good.

First of all, we're loving Josh's circa 2004 yellow-toned sunglasses and giant bird tattoo. But enough about this bro, let's talk about what matters — Mackenzie's flawless physique!

Let's hope that this girl follows through with her promise to share a few workout tips, because we're dying to know how she got in shape so quickly after giving birth! We're also dying to know where she got her fringed leopard-print bikini, just saying.

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