Did you think you'd make it through the week without flying into a fit of jealousy over Mackenzie Douthit's enviably bikini body? Think again. This Teen Mom 3 star loves nothing more than than showing off her toned post-baby physique on Instagram, and recently hit up the social network with a slew of new pictures –– all of which feature her rocking a hot pink bikini.

Mackenzie popped out her second child back in February, and made headlines thanks to the fact that she lost her baby weight in a mere matter of weeks. No, seriously, girlfriend had a six-pack like two seconds after pushing a baby out of her lady parts. What gives?

Well, turns out Mackenzie's healthy lifestyle is to blame! Teen Mom 3's resident southern belle works out 24/7 as a professional cheerleader (oh, and she does yoga), plus she eats a super-healthy diet of fruits and veggies thanks to the fact that she's diabetic. No wonder she looks so amazing!

And by the way, we're loving Mackenzie's vaguely 80s bikini. Those gigantic white ruffles mean major business. Are you amazed by home girl's toned and taught summer body? Sound off in the comments, Teen Mom 3 fans!

Source: Mackenzie Douthit on Instagram