Teen Mom 3’s Mackenzie McKee Proudly Shows Off C-Section Scar in Teeny Bikini
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Mackenzie Douthit

Teen Mom 3’s Mackenzie McKee Proudly Shows Off C-Section Scar in Teeny Bikini


‘Tis the season to get bikini body ready, especially for Mackenzie McKee.

The former Teen Mom 3 star has been competing in local bodybuilding competitions before and after her final two pregnancies, and is showing off the fruits of her labor as she gets back in shape.

And yes, that includes flaunting her scars from bearing three children.

Mack, who welcomed her third child, son Broncs, in August 2016, has been going hard at the gym ever since, trying to get back into shape for her fitness shows.

Her weight loss transformation has been absolutely incredible, especially considering how big her belly was before she gave birth!

But a new fitness photo of a bikini-clad Kenzie proves that despite her insanely athletic physique, she is still a mom after all.

In the below photo, the 24-year-old proudly shows off her C-section scar, which peeks out from beneath her teeny bikini bottoms.


“Here’s to rockin a c section scar and 13 weeks of prep,” she captions the impressive pic.

Mackenzie delivered all three of her kids Gannon, 5, Jaxie, 3, and Broncs via cesarean section due to complications with her pregnancies.

The boys and the girls...

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Since the pint-sized star suffers from Type 1 diabetes, she had three high-risk pregnancies and gave birth to three very large babies.

Still, not even a few surgeries and some scary complications will stop this girl’s grind, as the former high school tumbler is clearly back in tip-top shape. #Postpartumgoals, anyone?!

Unfortunately, her dedication to health and fitness just wasn’t enough to snag her a spot on the upcoming Teen Mom 2 Season 8.

As Wetpaint previously reported, Mackenzie’s old co-star, Briana DeJesus, will be joining the cast for the new season, even though Mackenzie was approached about the gig, too.



Though Mack insisted she and Bri are good friends and she’s happy for her new gig, there was clearly some bitterness, too.

“She did kind of fall off the face of the earth for a bit, getting her normal life back, and getting rid of all her social media accounts,” the mom of three said of Briana.


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“Me and my manager talked her into getting them back up and going, and getting her following back. I helped get her on Family Therapy and here she is back on Teen Mom 2.”

Oh well — looks like Kenzie has her hands full without the reality TV cameras following her around, what with three kids to take care of, a body to perfect, and divorce rumors to combat!

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What do you think of Kenzie’s post-baby transformation? Do you love that she’s owning her pregnancy scars? Share below!

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