‘Teen Mom 3’ Drama Alert: Cheating Accusations, Domestic Assault and More
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Teen Mom 3

‘Teen Mom 3’ Drama Alert: Cheating Accusations, Domestic Assault and More


Clearly the girls of Teen Mom OG and Teen Mom 2 are known to bring the drama, but the cast of Teen Mom 3 is certainly catching up.

Today, we got wind of two huge bombshells about two of the cast members from the short-lived MTV reality series, one involving cheating allegations and another, sadly, coming forward about domestic abuse.

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The cheating rumors come by way of Mackenzie McKee and her husband, Josh. Josh is seemingly exposing his wife in a rant posted to his personal Facebook page.

In the post, the dad of three refers to Mackenzie as his “so-called wife” and alleges she has been cheating on him.

“I have been going to work and I kept getting a lot of red flags that something is going on while I’m gone,” he writes. “Come to find out I have always been right!”


But is it true? Mackenzie, who shares kids Gannon, Jaxie, and Broncs with Josh, is responding!

The 23-year-old swiftly addressed the rumors when a fan brought the screenshots to her attention on Twitter.


“My body is for my husband and him only,” she writes with a winky-face emoji. That’s that then!

But things aren’t as positive for one of Kenzie’s castmates, unfortunately.

Katie Yeager, who was also on Teen Mom 3, has come forward with a personal essay detailing her past with domestic violence.



Though she doesn’t mention her abuser by name, it’s clear she’s referring to Joey Maes, her daughter Molli’s father, who was physically abusive to her when she was pregnant and thereafter.

“The first time I had a pan thrown at me [was] by the man whom I was 4 months pregnant with at the time,” she writes on SpilledMilkClub.com.

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“It was like being in a relationship with two different people. One, a hardworking father and loving boyfriend and two, a screaming, red faced, hurricane, destroying everything in his path.”

Katie says though she tried to keep her family together, she eventually had enough, packing up herself and her then 1-year-old daughter and escaping when Joey was at work — and she hasn’t looked back since.

Now, the Utah mom is expecting her second child, another little girl, and is in what seems to be a healthy relationship.

Molli's reaction to getting a sister

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We’re glad Katie got out of that terrible situation and that Mackenzie and Josh’s marriage is doing okay. All’s well that ends well, right?

You're my favorite pain the the butt ya ol' cowboy.

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Are you surprised by Katie’s brave story? Do you think Mackenzie is telling the truth about cheating? Tell us below.

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