MacMania! DWTS Fans\' Wild, Hilarious & Totally Understandable Obsession With Tristan MacManus
MacMania! DWTS Fans’ Wild, Hilarious & Totally Understandable Obsession With Tristan MacManus
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MacMania! DWTS Fans’ Wild, Hilarious & Totally Understandable Obsession With Tristan MacManus


Normally we’d shake our heads at the kinds of crazy, stalkerish things Tristan MacManus fans (or, as we like to call them, "MacManiacs") are saying on ABC message boards, in the comments of his YouTube videos with Dancing With the Stars partner Nancy Grace, and just under their breath while watching the show. But at this point we just want everyone to know we started doing it first.

Tristan was our fake boyfriend and “Official Crush of the Season” before Season 13 even started. We made peace long ago with the idea that, when it comes to the Irish dance pro, we had regressed to giddy 13-year-old girls instead of strong, independent … um ... perpetual twentysomethings.

The hot DWTS pro debate used to focus on Derek Hough vs. Maksim Chmerkovskiy, with the votes relatively split and some fans going rogue for Mark Ballas, Tony Dovolani or Dmitry Chaplin. Now ABC, in its infinite kindness, has given us Tristan and also Maks’ brother, Val, just to keep the other pro boys on their toes.

Fans are responding well to the new options, to put it mildly. Tristan dominated our “Who is the hottest male pro?” poll. It helps that Tristan told us he’s “frustratingly single” so fans can all daydream of being his special lady friend.

Because we heart Tristan, we’ve been following his appeal across the web and the fan interest makes us proud, jealous and mildly alarmed. He officially lived up to the hype after his first dance with Nancy, wearing those cute fake boyfriend suspenders during their Cha-Cha-Cha. If you watch their dance back on YouTube, the comments are pretty great. Currently the note "I'm officially in love with Tristan!" is the top comment with 18 likes, followed by I ♥ TRISTAN MACMANUS!:)" But we're partial to "The minute Tristan said ‘the tird step’ I was like omg I want this man badly! lol."

MacMania! DWTS Fans’ Wild, Hilarious & Totally Understandable Obsession With Tristan MacManus
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The comments on ABC’s official DWTS message board really take the cake. There are multiple threads worshipping Tristan, from “He's young, he's charming,he's handsome, hes...” and "Anybody else think Trystan [sic] is freakin' HOT?!!!!" to, our fave, "Damn I love that Leprechaun.”

As poster Philadelphia99 put it, “I've already made my feelings clear about Tristan. I'd marry him if I didn't have a husband and a bunch of kids. Hell, I'll marry him anyway. Whew. He's a good one.”

Here are some other thoughts we may or may not absolutely share:

luvthepros: “Count me in on the Tristan train. He is adorable and oh so sexy. Love his accent. I could listen to him all day. {{{sigh}}}”

Snarkea: “I'd love to talk ‘dance’ with him sometime over a couple of Guinesses and a shot of whiskey! (once again, please cue the drooling tongue emoticon).”

ashlasl: “oh gawd how did nancy grace get such a hot star! He truly should be an actor! I have never had a favorite pro but I may change my handle to ‘I love tristan.’”

blkhillsgma: “ the end of the rainbow there's a pot of Tristan!”

Awe_Some_Sauce: "OMG I just watched the end of their last dance, and like Nancy's all embarrassed about the little wardrobe malfunction and she buries her face in his chest, and like I’m swooning ok cause I know if I was able to do that I'd be like taking in a deep breath, and smelling him. LOL I wonder what he smells like? I love that he's got a slightly hairy chest....I don’t think he waxes like some of the other male pros do."

gmolster: “I have spent the last half hour reading this thread and laughing my head off! I haven't seen this much drool since my a.m. visit to the Orlando Bloom website. I too Love Tristan and he and Orlando are the only two I will post over. (And fall over dead if I got to see them!) I just adore Tristan, he is sexy, funny, cute, kind, supportive and so on. I love how he just steps back and lets Nancy take the spotlight. I really didn't want to like her but she is growing on me. And they as partners are fabulous, he truly seems to want her to succeed.”

Love it! It’s a shame Tristan doesn’t seem excited about all the new attention. He’s no Maks. But if he weren’t so humble, Twitter-shy and completely at a loss for how to handle his adoring fans, we probably wouldn’t like him so much.