Magazine Editor Says Working With Nicki Minaj Was “Hideous Torture”
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Magazine Editor Says Working With Nicki Minaj Was “Hideous Torture”

It seems Mariah Carey isn’t the only American Idol judge who’s earned herself a reputation for being less-than-easy to work with. According to Paper magazine director Mickey Boardman, shooting Nicki Minaj was far from a treat.

Sitting down with BuzzFeed to chat about his career, Mickey recalls a shoot from 2012:

“Nicki Minaj was not fun. It was two weeks of hideous torture and [her] walking off shoots. [...] The first day of the shoot, she was locked in a room with her hair and makeup team, people whom she picked — she made them put [all her hair and makeup] on, then take it off. She would not let anyone from our team talk to her.”

So, she just wanted to look perfect, right? Any girl can understand that.

Well, not so fast...

“[When she finally] came out, it was a mess. The photographer took some shots and she said, ‘Let me see.’ He [showed her] five frames and she walked off — it was insanity. I had to sign up for AOL Instant Messenger so I could talk to her, and she hung up on me on AIM. It was a super headache.”

Wow. Mariah Carey’s starting to sound better by the minute. In fact, according to Mickey, Mariah’s nothing like he expected!

“The three celebrities we shot for Paper who I thought were going to be crazy but weren’t were Lindsay Lohan, Prince, and Mariah Carey. They were all super-easy and fabulous. [...] Mariah was a little nutty, though. If you have Mariah, you’re going to get Mariah.”

Are you surprised to hear that Nicki Minaj was such a diva?

Source: BuzzFeed

07.18.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Jager Weatherby
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