Maisie Williams Finds Game of Thrones Attention “Embarrassing”
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Game of Thrones

Maisie Williams Finds Game of Thrones Attention “Embarrassing”

On Game of Thrones, no one seems to recognize Arya Stark. In fact, in all of her travels, the only person so far who’s known her true identity was the Hound. But actress Maisie Williams, who plays Arya, she’s gained a lot of notoriety for her portrayal of the vengeful wolf girl.

In an interview with Vulture, Maisie discusses the attention she received at the Season 4 premiere. “It was crazy. And really embarrassing!” Maisie says. “I just lit up so much, I buried my head. I'm glad people liked it, because something is finally starting to go right for Arya. She's finding what she's good at. I feel like she's finally finding something... that doesn't hurt.” That something is of course killing men who’ve wronged her, but hey, nobody’s perfect.

It turns out that the attention she receives from the show isn’t the only thing that emabarasses Maisie... Brad Pitt also has that effect on her! “Maybe next time I see you, I'll be Maisie Pitt. Especially if I marry Brad Pitt!” Maisie jokes. “[Brad Pitt] was at the SAG Awards and I was just staring at him. It was so embarrassing!”

Don’t be embarrassed Maisie, we think Brad Pitt is probably used to people staring at him by now!

Source: Vulture