Maisie Williams Gets Into Fight With Airline — Don’t Mess With Arya!
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Game of Thrones

Maisie Williams Gets Into Fight With Airline — Don’t Mess With Arya!

Anyone who watches Game of Thrones knows you don’t mess with Maisie Williams, who portrays the vengeful Arya Stark. Apparently British Airways didn’t get the memo.

Maisie, who’s 17, was upset that she was refused entry to British Airways business class lounge, tweeting: “Denied from the business lounge once again for being under 18 and without an adult... @British_Airways sort your s—t out.”

She then sent off a flurry of tweets criticizing the airline’s policy, as follows: “I’m not saying I deserve special treatment... Just saying if 16-18 yr olds are grown up enough to travel 5,400 miles around the world... I’m sure we can handle sitting quietly in the damn lounge.”

British Airways responded to Maisie with a very formulaic answer, tweeting, “Hi Maisie. We’re sorry if you were disappointed, lounge guests must be 18 or older. We look forward to welcoming you soon.”

Maisie didn’t care much for the corporate response, and pressed the airline further in another tweet: “Yes.. @British_Airways fully understand that, my question is why? Why can we travel alone but not use the lounge? It makes no sense.” The airline then explained it had to do with unsupervised, self-service bars in the lounge, which was apparently a satisfactory enough answer for Maisie.

The lesson here? Stay on Maisie’s good side!

07.21.2014 / 12:00 AM EDT by Johnny Brayson
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