#MakeAMovieWhiter: 21 of the Funniest Tweets
Make a Movie Whiter, MakeAMovieWhiter, Chris Hardwick, @midnight
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#MakeAMovieWhiter: 21 of the Funniest Tweets


A lot of serious discussions have followed the Academy’s seeming refusal to nominate actors of color for Oscars this year and last. But for a bit of frivolity, the comedians of the January 26 episode of Comedy Central’s @midnight have brainstormed ways of making movies even whiter.

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Marlon Wayans, Affion Crockett, Jenny Zigrino, and host Chris Hardwick kicked off this wordplay showdown with titles like Citizen Kale, Diary of an Irate White Woman, The Passive-Aggressive Eight, Jennifer Lawrence of Arabia.

And now Twitter is getting in on the fun. Here are some of our favorite puns with the #MakeAMovieWhiter hashtag.

All joking aside, we hope some positive change results from discussions both sincere and silly.

Or, as Chris Hardwick said, “Hopefully this will be the last Oscars with a lineup of films that have to wear SPF 50 at all times.”