Lea Michele Makes Major Announcement About Her Music Career!
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Lea Michele

Lea Michele Makes Major Announcement About Her Music Career!

Lea Michele released her debut album, “Louder” earlier this year, and ever since it dropped on March 4, the album has been breaking records left and right all around the world. It’s clear that Lea loved making “Louder” and is extremely fond of all the songs on the “personal” form of artistic expression. The initial buzz for Lea’s first foray into the pop music world as a solo artist seems to have died down, but that hardly means that Lea’s already forgotten about the 14-song work.

“Cannonball” was her first single and it also got its own subsequent music video, and “If You Say So” has gotten its fair share of attention because it was the song Lea wrote about the last words her boyfriend Cory Monteith said to her just before he died from a drug overdose in July 2013, but many of the other tracks have received little attention by comparison — until now!

On April 16 Lea shared some great news about her music, tweeting about another great tune off “Louder”. “Its true! #OnMyWay is my next single off #LOUDER and we'll be shooting the video very SOON! I LOVE the video concept! It's gonna be AWESOME!” she wrote.

Although her tweet about the upcoming video was adorably vague, Lea gave us a tiny hint a bit later in the day when she re-tweeted a photo from the video’s director, Hannah Davis. Hannah’s Instagram photo features all sorts of retro light up signs and an array of little fans. We’re not really sure what any of that means, but given “On My Way’s” poppy feel we have a feeling the video will be light, fun, and happy.

Are you psyched to see Lea’s second music video? Weigh in below!

04.17.2014 / 12:00 AM EDT by Samantha Leffler
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